Brightening and Tan Removal Manicure and Pedicure Kit

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  • It is a perfect starter kit for those who want to try out the product.
  • It is for use on the hands, and feet, that need to be lightened or untanned.
  • All are designed to keep your feet feeling fresh throughout the day.
  • It is made with the finest and organic ingredients.
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Tan removal is a difficult problem to solve. The best way to get rid of sun spots and dark patches is to use a tanning lotion, but it’s not always practical or convenient.

For the girly girl in you, it’s time to spruce up that foot and hand beauty routine. Our Pedicure And Manicure Kit has everything you need to create the perfect pedi or manicure for yourself or a friend.

 This Brightening And Tan Removal Kit kit is designed for pedicures and manicures using our exclusive formula. Its vitamins B3 and E can help your nails to be healthy and shiny.

 This is a Pedicure and Manicure Kit that can be used for both the feet and hands. The kit contains glycerine, honey, milk and salicylic acid, which are all ingredients that are used to lighten dark skin. This product is also free from harsh chemicals which means that it will not cause any irritation to your skin or eyes. With this kit, you can have a beautiful pedicure or manicure done at home without having to go to the salon.

 The kit is a great way to get the best results from your nail care. This kit contains all the ingredients needed for a clean and healthy manicure.

 The kit contains a refreshing cleanser, sugar scrub, nourishing massage cream, clay mask for oil control and mattifying and cooling lotion.

 The Skin Brightening and Tan Removal Kit can be used for various beauty treatments. Its preparation includes washing the feet and legs with a mild soap, rinsing with warm water, applying lotion or oil to keep the skin moisturized, buffing the feet and hands with a pumice stone file. After that apply the Vitamin E cream in small amounts at least every morning and evening which will help in retaining moisture in your skin as well as providing anti-bacterial protection from harmful microorganisms that cause bacteria growth on your skin.

 So, if you’re a fan of tanning or use sunbeds frequently, it’s best to protect your skin from its effects with the help of brightening products like this one.


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It is a perfect starter kit for those who want to try out the product.

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5 reviews for Brightening and Tan Removal Manicure and Pedicure Kit

  1. Bhavika khudar

    Amazing product the quality of product is amazing. It made my hand and feet very smooth and soft.

  2. Shrishty singh

    Lovely smells however they are small tubs, wont last very long at all. Needs to be bigger tubs if brought for a salon.

  3. Hitesh sharma


  4. Sujata kaur

    Refreshing and make feets relaxed for quite few hours

  5. Neha das

    Usually I dont review for beauty products, but this one does need a special mention. Ever since I have started using it, my nails have become healthier and stronger. It smoothens the skin too. Worth the buy.

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